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Gunshow x Cash Rent
Semen $200/ dose
Earnotch 3-4 #422898004

There have been very few times in my life when I was looking for a very specific boar and I found exactly what I was looking for but buying Flex was just that. Flex is super athletic with tremendous flexibility thru his hip and hind leg. He’s wide based and square to the ground with bone, center and correctness of skeleton. His littermate barrow was reserve purebred at the Iowa State Fair and a littermate sister was the top selling purebred in the open show. He’s bred different so genetically he can work on most females. His mother also raised Jimmy T at SGI. I’m super excited on this one. He has the ultra flex and soundness in a moderate package with bone and correctness that the world demands.


World Class x Imax (All Eyes) x Lethal
Semen $150/dose
Earnotch 6-4 #507143004

I love Candy Crush's pedigree. All Eyes, Outlaw (both twice), World Class, The Game, Lethal, Legacy, Point Maker, Augusta and more great Hampshire boars fill the pedigree. I love Candy Crush's look. He looks like a real Hampshire: tall fronted, true muscle shape in his top and hip, up headed with bone and a square design from his top to the ground. Candy Crush is going to see nearly all our Hampshire sows. He will absolutely make Hampshires better.


Last Drop x Structure
Semen $150/dose
Earnotch 29-11, #407723011
The Different Last Drop

I think I used Last Drop as much as any breeder in the country. We had tremendous gilts by him including the champion Duroc at Arizona National, reserve champion at Ft. Worth and the $10,000 high selling gilt at the California State Fair. That said the main reason we used him was to raise a herd boar and Essential is that boar. Essential is average in frame size with a big bold shoulder, great center rib with big toes and feet and an athletic build. Sorry we don’t have a pretty picture of him out on the green grass but we liked him so much he went into the breeding barn as a young boar and has been used more than any boar we have. His mother is a massive Structure sow who’s mother is our top foundation Light Em Up sow. Call Doug Stewart at 319-231-0676 for semen.


Stand Tall x Red Blood
Semen $150/dose
Earnotch 1-7, #414745007

Just look at the video. Whiplash has the best rear leg I have ever seen in a Duroc boar. His ability to plant and drive and take a long step off his rear leg is as good as I’ve seen. Add to it the fact that he has tremendous bone, is tall fronted with a great look and I’m all in. If I can add his strengths to my herd Whiplash will take our Durocs to a whole other level. Rear leg design seems to be the thing that currently separates the great from the good Durocs. Make sure your pigs are on the right side. For semen call Doug Stewart at 319-231-0676.


Record Beater x He’s The Light
Semen $150/dose
Earnotch 6-3, #412960003

We are super excited to add Base Camp to our herdboar line up. What’s not to love. Base Camp combines look with extension thru the front end, a tall shoulder with shape down his top and hip. He’s opened up thru his blade and rib and super athletic in his movement. He’s from our best litter of the summer with several great sisters that won numerous shows and more that are being keep here for brood sows. His mother is from a super productive sow line with 10 pigs being weaned in this her gilt litter. You need everything important in your Base Camp and he has it all. Call Doug Stewart at 319-231-0676 for semen.

Black Panther

Jungle Cat x Overtime
For semen call RAR Genetics: Ryan 319-239-7282
Earnotch 5-5, #502042005
Hampshire Profile Test: 95%

Black Panther was the Reserve Champion boar at the 2019 SWTC in Belton, TX. His athleticism and correctness of build combined with his power and bone blew me away. It’s hard to find a Hampshire that lacks any major holes but Black Panther does just that. Black Panther’s sire is at Top Cut and his mother was a Drake gilt that was purchased by M & N Showpigs at the National Barrow Show. If you want fault free, athletic Hamps with body and mass that can compete at the highest level Black Panther pigs will fit the bill.

Golden Opportunity

Dominator X Capital Gain
Contact RAR Genetics for semen: Ryan 319-239-7282
Earnotch 7-2, #627253002

Golden Opportunity was youngest boar shown at the 2019 Exposition but he blew me away with his perfect build, freedom of movement, correctness of structure and heaviness of bone. He is sired by the $150,000 Dominator and out of a tremendous young sow from the Chad Martin herd (pictured). The granddam of Golden Opportunity is a littermate to Ricochet and the mother of Spitfire and Backtrack. A littermate gilt to G.O. sold for $5,200. Great pedigree, great design, great mother. I think Golden Opportunity will work perfect on our Yorkshire sows.


SDF Structure
American Outlaw X Full Back

This is a very unique Duroc boar. Structure is absolutely massive in his blade, forearm, foot and rear leg. He is square and thick in his top and square to the ground. When you let him out of his pen he sprints from one end of the pen to the other and back with no tightness in his spine or joints. With all his heaviness of structure he has been described by visitors as having a perfect set to his rear pastern. Structure will make barrows that will stand out. Keep the look and add the Structure.


Legacy X Tiger

Vaquaro was the Grand Champion Hampshire boar at the 2017 SWTC. There is no Hampshire boar in the industry with his kind of true rib shape, and dimension while maintain impeccable soundness off both ends. Vaquero is truly a breeding hog. If you are tired of tall, narrow, poor preforming hampshires, then Vaquero is a must use. He is monster boned yet his bone is flat, and his joints are clean. Vaquero could be bred to every Hampshire you own and simply make your hogs better. As he has matured, he has continued to blow us away with his ability to mass up while staying incredibly youthful and sound. 

Owned with Schenken Genetics. Call Craig for prices 325-423-1177

SDF He’s The Light

He’s The One X Light ‘Em Up

We think this one is special. He’s The Light has a great look and presence. He is perfectly sound, balanced and has the “it” factor that it takes to win in the show ring. He is up headed and tall fronted yet still has shape in his top and a big square hip. He’s The Light will give you the look and correctness of structure that it takes to win. From a tremendous litter that included a $25,000 boar sold off-the-farm  to Swine Genetics International, two gilts sold online and three more retained for the sow herd. His mother also produced Red Revolver at Lean Value.


Rednecker X I'm the One
Semen $150/dose
Ear notch: 6-2 #412665002
Owned with Beau Botts

This one reads like a female sire deluxe! He is tall fronted with great extension of neck yet is bold shouldered. He has clean joints and bones. He will work great on those needing to be elevated and prettied up.

Hardy sold in The Draft sale to Beau Botts from Oregon. I was able to convince Beau to stud the boar here so we could offer this unique one to the world. This one needs to be used!

His pedigree goes back to littermates He's the One and Class Act on each side and his mother is a littermate to my herdsire Choice, who made such a positive impact a year ago. For semen please call Carl Stein @ 816-914-4914


Mastermind X He's the One
Semen $150/dose
Ear Notch: 4-1 #412663001

What a power packed pedigree! Mastermind is the $210,000 top seller from the Norman firm from a year ago that sired so well in his first season. Sparky's mother is a littermate to I'm the One, my $60,000 champion from the 2017 WPX.This sow has also produced the reserve champion boar and a class winning gilt at Mo. in her first litter, a class winner (I'm the Future @ Shaffers) in her second and Sparky (and many high selling littermate show gilts) in her third litter! She has not failed yet to produce elite quality pigs!

Sparky is a no holes boar with the right frame size, length of body, muscle and skeleton that allows him to motor with perfect set to his feet and legs. He is so comfortable when he goes and will make barrows with that extra look and soundness to win and gilts to not only excel in the ring but also make the next generation better! There might be boars out there with more hype, but none better than Sparky! For semen please contact Carl Stein @ 816-914-4914

Dark Horse

Last Drop x Can’t Stop
Semen $100 a dose.
Earnotch 12-6, #407408006

Breeder boar here! Dark Horse has a skeleton and skull like few I have ever seen. He’s tall fronted, dead level with a square hip and clean hock. In short he’s got the look and heaviness of structure that we all want. He is sired by Last Drop who has had a dominating run through the Duroc breed and his mother was the reserve champion at OYE and the granddam is the record setting Queenie sow at Mike Jacksons. Great boar, great mother, great pedigree.

SDF Unicorn

Clydesdale x Jasper
Semen $200 a dose. Overrun $150 a dose after 11:00 am central time.
Earnotch 10-11, #401321011

Unicorn is one unique individual. Obviously there are a ton of good Duroc boars located in studs across the country but I feel Unicorn is truly different when compared to the rest. He has tremendous toes, feet and bone work along with a super extended front end and a clean throat. He is really unique in his front end for a Duroc boar. It's obvious that we are in an era when a great look is extremely important. Unicorn does not need a feed pan to get his head up or does he need to be stretched out to make his throat look clean. He is naturally superior in these areas. If you are searching for the look in a really correct package don't settle for the ordinary- look for the Unicorn.


HRFD8 Nature Boy x HD3 Royalty
Semen $150 a dose. 
Earnotch 20-2, #404980002
Bred by Mohican Valley Genetics

Mohican was the first place boar in the youngest class at the 2019 STC. He is a moderate sized boar that is extremely correct in his build and make up. He is dead level in his top and hip. He is square at his base and square to the ground. He will fix your structure problems.

Those that have seen his mother and grandmother (pictured) say they are two of the most impressive Duroc sows you will ever see. Meeker's record selling Duroc gilt is also found in the pedigree. Genetically Mohican has Iconic on the top side of all four branches of his pedigree.

If you need a boar that will fix your structure problems, add correctness, bone and mass to your sows and is backed by an impressive sow family Mohican is the boar for you.

Macho Man

He Man X Bear Claw
Semen $100 a dose
Earnotch 65-2, #400334002

Macho Man is a home-raised son of the $66,000 He Man boar and his mother is a Bear Claw x Man on Fire. The sow line is one of our very best as his great grandmother is the mother of our 2019 Arizona National Champion gilt and considered a top foundation sow. Macho Man has a great skeleton. He’s extended thru his front end, tall at his shoulder and has a great hip and hind leg. He is stout in his structure with a big rear leg and tail root. We’ll think he’ll be a great breeding boar especially for making females.

Purified Red

Attention X Bull Rush
Semen $150/dose. Overrun $100 after 11:00 am central time.
Bred by and owned with JJ Genetics.

We were super excited to be able to own a piece of Purified Red. His littermate sister was champion Duroc at the 2018 Arizona National (pictured) and a class winner at the Western Regional. He is also a full brother to the $17,000 Power Stance at Premium Blend. As he has matured he has developed into one of the heaviest boned, biggest legged boars I have ever owned. He is unique in that he combines this heaviness of structure with a great look. Furthermore, he is tall fronted, dead level in his top, wide at his chest and square to the ground. Purified Red is a must use boar for those wanting the modern look but not wanting to give up the extreme stoutness that sticks out in the show ring.


I'm the One  X  American Outlaw
Semen $150/dose; $100/dose after noon CST

My intention was to keep Choice's sire, I'm the One to use heavily at my farm.  After he was named champion at WPX and sold for $60,000, my plans changed.  I decided I would look for a son worthy to fill that roll.  This boar is my Choice to carry on I'm the One's legacy.  He is unique in areas his sire is as well; width of skeleton in an above average frame, an uphill look with a deep sided, level profile, perfect set to all four that allows him to comfortably and athletically move, muscularity from front to rear in the right amount to have proper base width without restriction.  
Genetically he goes back to He's the One on the sire side, arguably the most influential sire of the last several years.  His dam is by American Outlaw that is from the King of Outlaw line that added a lot of power and bone to my herd.  Choice's dam has contributed 4 daughters to the herd in her first two matings including 2 littermates to Choice.  To say I'm excited about his potential would be an understatement.  He's my Choice to make the next generation great; make him yours! 
For semen please contact Carl @ 816-914-4914


Clydesdale X Measure Up
Semen $200/dose. Overrun $150/dose after 11:00 am central time.

We are super excited to add Texas to our herd boar lineup. Purchased from Clint Halfman he combines a power packed pedigree with the modern look. Texas’s sire, Clydesdale was produced by Rick Whitman and was the result of crossing He’s The One with Attention’s mother. This alone combines the two most prominent pedigrees in the Duroc breed. The dam of Texas is a Measure Up (Bold Ruler X Double Shift). Double Shift was a Full Shift bred back to his sister. Texas is tall fronted and extended with a great look. He’s correct in his design with big legs and huge toes and feet. Study the boar, then study the pedigree. We feel Texas will be a great contributor to the Duroc breed.

Call Doug Stewart at 319-231-0676 to place a semen order.

SDF Granite

Almost There X Take Notice
Semen $150/ dose. Overrun $100/dose after noon central time.

If you are looking for a Yorkshire boar that will add bone, center body and top shape then you have found your man. Granite is not your typical Yorkshire boar. He has great top shape and a square hip. He explodes through his center with a massive blade and a great center rib. Finally he has added bone to the pigs of every Yorkshire and crossbred sow we have bred him to. Get excited about Yorkshires. Get excited about Granite!

Call Doug Stewart at 319-231-0676 to place a semen order.

SDF Foundation

SDF Structure X SDF Meatpacker
Semen $150/ dose. Overrun $100/ after noon central time.

Foundation’s mother is the foundation sow in my herd. She is a 9th parity sow that was sired by Meatpacker (Absolute X Full Shifts full sister) the 2010 Indiana State Fair champion boar bought from Rick Whitman. She is the grandmother or great grandmother of our $15,000 Foundation gilt, He’s The Light, Mr Right, Quiet Riot, the reserve champion barrow 2016 Arizona National plus a large percentage of our sow herd. Foundation has 5 littermate sisters we are retaining. Foundation is freaky big legged with extension and length of front. He is loose jointed, big ribbed, wide centered and has a big range of motion. This boar will make females.

Call Doug Stewart at 319-231-0676 to place a semen order.

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